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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Myspace generation

At the seminar hosted by SMC last week, Ken Mueller showed this very funny video clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In this piece, Dimitri Martin highlights the phenomenon that is social networking and online journaling (weblogging).


I have been thinking of doing a post on the sociology of blogging. Cultural analysis. Sociology of blogging. Communication. I believe their are different levels. Let me just off the top of my head see how many I can think of.

1. Those who don't know what blogging is.

2. Those who have heard of blogging, but have no desire to enter the stream of this communication/sociological phenomenon.

3. Those who read the blogs of others, but do not feel comfortable expressing their own comments for anyone to read (either by creating their own web identity/journal...or by commenting on the blogs of others).

4. Those who read the blogs of others and post comments from time to time, but do not leave a name. They remain anonymous contributers to the conversation. No "I/Thou".

5. Those who read blogs, post comments and identify themselves so as to become more personal participants in the conversation.

6. Those who create their own web presence and invite communication, exchange of ideas with the broader world via cyberspace.