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the Word became flesh and dwelt among us...

Thursday, September 07, 2006


i need fire,
to be inspired
i am overwhelmed,
yes and I am tired
to do the tasks of day to day
i've exhausted all the platitudes
the ones you gave to me
i need fire

i need truth,
for i am a liar
easily convince myself
to obfuscate desires
that come from God,
i do not trust
i will get just what i want
instead of what i must
i need truth
i need fire

i need breath
to fill my lungs
i'm winded from the consequence
of all that's come undone
clear my head, feed my legs
oxygen and spirit
wake me from the dead
i need breath
i need truth
i need fire

Tim Youmans

Came across this poem/lyrics on the blog-- anabaptist monk. May breath, truth, and fire come to us today.


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