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Friday, March 10, 2006

Rhythm of Life

There is a strong current to life in our North American culture. It is like standing in the waves at the Jersey shore at the right time of the day. The crashing waves, followed by the forceful undertow, combine to toss a person around like a helpless manequin.

Other tasks have taken me away from blogging for the last week or so. I am working on the next issue of Missional Compass, our church newsletter among other things. How important it is for me to have influences in my life that run counter to the dominant current of the culture in which I live. Among these are the practice of Christianity in a tradition that emphasizes the community of believers in following Christ. I must confess, there is much in me that resists community. It is easier (at times) to be independent, to be self-directed, self-determined-- in many areas. Theology, Church, vocation, material....

I also am grateful for what Arthur Paul Boers has called "the rhythm of God's grace." The practice of praying with the church--fixed hour prayer. Don't be fooled, I am not perfect in keeping the hours. But this discipline is a grace to me as I find the practice of fixed-hour prayer consistent, even when I am not. I re-enter and discover the stream of prayer that is flowing, even beyond my own willpower and discipline. It's like there is a cadence, a rhythm that helps me find my rhythm--a rhythm of prayer connected with the current of God, not just the chaotic, spirit-withering pace of culture.

Let me seek the Lord while he may still be found.
I will call upon his name; while he is near.

Lord and Master of my life,
Take away from me the will to be lazy and sad,
The desire to get ahead of other people,
And to boast and brag.

Give me instead a pure and humble spirit,
The will to be patient with other people,
And to love them.

Grant Lord that I may see my own sins,
And keep me from judging the things other people do.
For you are holy, now and forever.


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