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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

SMC website

So I am finally getting around to working on the website for SMC. This is an experiment in another layer of communal identity and interaction. Will we own this space as part of our congregational life? That is the question.

Perhaps, for some the internet is not helpful layer of community life and conversation. It certainly should not replace face to face presence. Perhaps it could serve as a builder of community, enhancing our journey together by providing another forum for interaction. I am a bit skeptical of its merits in terms of drawing others into our fellowship. Perhaps, but I believe more in face to face relationship as connection points to community.

Here are two websites that give us a web presence. This one is put out by MCUSA through www.mennonite.net and we had nothing to do with it's content or design.

The other one is under construction, but you can visit and make use of for at least 27 more days (free trial period).

This is an experiment. So I will be looking for data from the SMC community to determine whether or not this is a worthwhile investment (about $20/month).


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