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Friday, December 09, 2005

December Snow

Snow days are awesome! Joe Zehr used to give me a hard time (in good fun) about how easy I had it as a teacher. 3 months vacation, working inside on cold winter days, snow days.... Hey, there are some definite perks. I may go out and split some wood just for Joe.

We had our second orchestra practice last evening. It is actually pretty amazing that we can pull together a 15 member orchestra for a church our size (150). Some of us are past our prime, trying to get the most out of our out of shape chops, hoping that we recover in time for the next practice or performance. It has inspired me to go ahead and use some of my Christmas and birthday money to purchase a trumpet. I sold my trumpet in college, thinking I would never play again. And you know how desperate college kids are for money. Kevin Smoker is good enough to let me borrow his cornet each Christmas and Easter for the church orchestra. I thought having one around the house will encourage the children's interest in music.

May Sarton wrote a great poem for days like this one, entitled December Moon.

I have yet to turn in my registration for the Jingle Bell run on Sunday. I'm trying not to pay attention to the voice in my head that is telling me to forget about it. I'm not worried about keeping up with Sally anymore (those days are long gone), I just don't want to disappoint her by not running!!


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