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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Home Groups

I like the language for practicing community I came across at Apostles Church. In our journey at Sunnyside Mennonite Church we have made an attempt to develop intentional practices of relationship and hospitality in Christian community. One thing I like about the Apostles Church is coming at this same goal is the allowing for diverse expressions of this ("each home group has it's own vibe")-- cognitive path, expressive path, communitarian path, contemplative path, and active path.

For those of you Life Group leaders who read this page...How would you characterize the vibe and focus of your group?

home churches gather in actual houses, but also in other kinds of spaces. some groups meet in coffeehouses, others in pubs and some in parks or at the beach. the spaces vary, but the purpose is the same: small cells of people (followers and seekers) gathering weekly or every other week to share life, tell stories, eat meals, pray, serve and grow together in jesus christ.
each home group has it's own vibe, way of gathering and basic path. some groups are on a cognitive path (studying the bible & deepening knowledge), some are on an expressive path (making music, creating art or writing poetry) some are on a communitarian path around a lifestyle or common interest (young moms, hikers, aa recovery...). some are on a contemplative path (gathering for evening prayers or spiritual exercises) while others are on an active path (working soup kitchens, tutoring kids, building houses...).