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the Word became flesh and dwelt among us...

Friday, August 19, 2005


This is the picture that is on the desktop of my computer. Was it already 13 years ago (Sunday) that we walked out of Mowata Baptist Church as husband and wife?!

I'm holding down the fort for a few days while Heather is in Atlanta helping orient Jill Yoder to the world. I understand that she is doing quite nicely, sleeping in till 8:45 AM.

I read a book recently by Doug Pagitt entitled REIMAGINING SPIRITUAL FORMATION. One of the practices in this church is for the Sunday sermon to germinate in a group that meets every week on Tuesday evenings to look at the texts, discuss and point in the right direction. I could really use that type of a setting this week (and others) to put together the sermon on Proverbs 8. It was nice timing that I read The Da Vinci Code earlier this summer with my friend from Ephrata, Duane. Perhaps we can put to rest some of the flaky theology floating around that is trying deconstruct the orthodox Christian view of the Trinity, and replace it with worship to the lost Christian Goddess--Sophia.

I know that at least Heather and Ira are praying for me.

Lord, open my mouth that I may declare your praise.