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the Word became flesh and dwelt among us...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I have been consumed with the process of writing for the last week and a half or so (and it is not yet completed!!). Working on the paper that will be presented for the Mennonite/Orthodox Dialogue on March 3. I think the paper is starting to come together. Looking at interpreting Scripture and the relationship of tradition and praxis as loci of authority in the community of interpretation (church). Also looking at how the community of interpretation (ecclesiology) is understood. I'm swimming in deep waters, hopefully I will be able to keep my head above the surface.

The writing of this paper has also been an experiment in that it has involved a group writing process. I have been relying upon the historical and theological acumen of Brinton, Rodney and Karl.

Been sick yesterday and today. I am blaming it on Magnolia. Last week everyone was sick in our household with the exception of Hollyn and I. Well, Saturday night I'm totally spent (due in no small part to four straight days of shovelling that heavy glacier of sleet and snow) and ready to call it a day. Magnolia decides for some strange reason (she has settled quite nicely into the routine we expect of her) to bark and whine incessantly. Climbing out from the nice warm covers I stomp down the stairs, bang on her crate and tell her to go to sleep. This happens another time. Finally, about an hour after I first went to bed, the light bulb goes on that she must be barking for some reason...so I go down and take her outside. It is like 6 degrees outside. She does her business, I put her back in her cage, and after a short reprise of the barking routine, she settles down for the night. I think it was this hour of sleep deprivation, stress, and exposure to the cold that pushed me over the edge.