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Friday, December 08, 2006

Sweet mother of pearl...

It's Friday. Time for some lighter fare. I found an interesting post by Bradley Wright on slang expressions people use.

"Sweet mother of pearl"
This one is used as some would use "holy cow" or "oh my gosh".

"When I saw all the Christmas shopping traffic downtown today, I loudly exclaimed "sweet mother of pearl, that's a lot of cars."

Here is another hilarious example of this slang expression being used.

Other slang expressionss...

Thanksgiving pants

Pants that are worn in anticipation of eating a huge meal (i.e. Thanksgiving dinner). These pants usually boast an elastic waist, to allow some give for that third helping of sweet potato pie.

The girls and I are going to a buffet for dinner, so I'm wearing my Thanksgiving pants.

google drift

To drift aimlessly between subjects of interest, by finding them accidentally on a web search for something else.

"I was looking for information on the Holocaust and I found a lot of neat sites with historical facts about Germany.""Oh, so you were google drifting."

purple state

A term that is used to descibe a even split in a state between democrat and republican voters.

Ohio is usually a purple state in Presidential Elections.

pot licker

This is one I have only heard used by Wendell Nofziger when we worked together at EMM. Could be used in a good game of Rook or Settlers of Catan, when someone bungles up your strategy with their move.

"Why you little pot licker..."

Any others?