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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Hey, this is pretty cool. Blogger has just made it easier to upload images from your computer. This should help people like me (HTML programming illiterate) to add some color to my blog.

Taking a little break from sermon prep (preaching about sex on Sunday--Proverbs 5 is my assigned text).

Had a good time in Charlotte with Brandon. One of the workshops I attended was "Patterns in Nature as a Design for Leadership" presented by Luke Gascho. Here are some of the notes from that workshop.

I. Patterns in nature
A. What do we see around us? What gives us a sense of place?
Each of us is in a different ecosystem.
"Eco"= house
Ecology- study of house
Economics- management of house
Nature recycles everything.
Leadership looks at full cycles; not just linear patterns.

B. Role of creation in our way of thinking

C. Holistic, nature-integrated biblical frameworks
"It is not allowable to love the Creation according to the purposes one has for it, any more than it is allowable to love one's neighbor in order to borrow his tools." Wendell Berry (The Gift of Good Land, 1981)

Nature doesn't invent or create; it submits to an organic whole.
Question: How is the soil of history and Tradition of the Church composted and recycled in the living present? How are we organically connected to the Body of Christ throughout time and space?

I'm thinking about how we can expand the conversation that is taking place between Anabaptism and Orthodoxy. I am wondering how we can provide a natural, organic space within our ecclesial ecosystems for this conversation to continue to emerge and shape us. One thought that has occured to me is that of a community blog that would be a space for our traditions to converge. Any thoughts?