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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sola Scriptura?

How do we understand the hermeneutical community? With whom are we reading and understanding the Scriptures? What is TRUTH? What is the way of following Christ? Is our hermeneutical community only our Sunday School class, our local congregation, our conference, our denomination?

From Beyond Foundationalism, Grenz and Franke

Richard Lints notes three fundamental characteristics of contemporary evangelicalism that work against the appreciation and appropriation of tradition: the emphasis on inductive methods of Bible study, the pervasive parachurch or transdenominational orientation of the movement, and its 'ahistorical devotional piety.' In many evangelical contexts, the emphasis in Bible study is often primarily on the question of the meaning of the text for the individual reader.

Lints points out:

In banishing all mediators between the Bible and ourselves, we have let the Scriptures be ensnared in a web of subjectivism. Having rejected the aid of the community of interpreters throughout the history of Christendom, we have not succeeded in returning to the primitve gospel; we have simply managed to plunge ourselves back to the biases of our own individual situations.


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